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Why do Optim Hearing devices cost so much less than other hearing aids?

  • We get our devices direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices and pass the savings to you! Also, our hearing aids do not require any tests or fitting which saves you more money and time without all the trips to a specialist.

Is this device going to be noticeable in my ear?

  • Our hearing aids are virtually invisible! Designed to be very small and discreet, they weigh about as much as a dime.

Why is my device making a whistling noise? A strange beep? Other strange sounds?

  • First, consult the User Guide that’s enclosed with the device. Our User Guide is full of operating info, troubleshooting hints, caring tips and was created to help our most tech-UNsavvy users navigate their device easily. Can’t find your User Guide? Download a copy at the bottom of this page! If you’re still having trouble, get in touch with our hearing specialists and we’ll help answer your questions.

What if my device isn't working?

  • We proudly stand behind our hearing aids, but in the event of any unforeseen defects, our one-year limited warranty and optional universal coverage warranty (at the time of purchase) has you covered. Contact us if you experience any issues and we'll help guide you through any quick fixes. If your device requires more than a phone conversation, we will help do everything we can to correct the problem and get your hearing back where it belongs.

How do I know the device will fit my ear?

  • Our devices come with different-sized tips to help you find your perfect fit. If you need to change your tips, no problem we’ve got plenty of other sizes for you

Can I use it while on the phone?

  • Yes! You may need to adjust your phone’s angle to avoid some minor feedback, but you’ll find the right spot and pretty soon it will all be second nature.

I have more questions.

  • Our trained hearing support specialists are always here to assist you! Please reach out to our support number listed above.

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