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With our risk free hearing aid trial, you have the opportunity to wear your new Optim hearing aids where it matters the most. Before making a commitment to keep your purchase, use your 30 day risk free trial to get a feel for your new devices in your everyday life. If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, let us know and we’ll send you a postage-paid return shipping label.

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  • B. Clift

    I love them! They have changed my life. I struggled with a moderate to severe high frequency hearing loss for years. What? Huh? Pardon me. Could you repeat that please? That was about the extent of my vocabulary. Now, I can actually understand what people are saying. It’s wonderful, even in a noisy environment, I just adjust to setting 2 or 3 and I’m in business. Great prices, great customer service, and a great product!

  • P. Fletcher

    I have spend a lot of money trying to find the right hearing aid until I ran across Optim. I heard it in my car over the radio and something told me to call and that was the best decision that I had ever made I've finally found the right hearing aid for me and I am so happy and thankful now..Thanks to Optim Hearing.
    Again thank you
    Yours Truly
    P Fletcher.

  • L. Henry

    I purchased my hearing aides almost two years ago and I have been so glad they have made it possible for me to hear comments in Church that I had been missing also the soft tones my family speak that I had been missing, it is a blessing to wear them and know that I can hear the speaking and the quiet tones now that I missed before, thank you Optim for such a wonderful product and the cost is affordable through this company

Financing For EVERYONE

At Optim Hearing, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to hear clearly. That is why we have financing plans available for every credit type. We work with some of the top lenders in the marketplace to offer EVERYONE the opportunity to own a pair of hearing aids. Call us today to apply or to learn more about options available to you.


Questions & Answers

  • Do I Need A Hearing Test?

    Nope! The FDA doesn't even require a prescription for hearing aids anymore. These are designed to work right out of the box for 94% of those suffering from degenerative hearing loss.

  • Will It Fit Everyone?

    Yes! These come with different sizes of medical grade silicone tips. Each size is in 1mm increments that easily snap on/off to provide the perfect fit for your ear canal.

  • Are These Real Hearing Aids?

    100% YES! We do not sell amplifiers. These are all FDA registered hearing aids like that of those you would get from an audiologist.

  • Is This Going To Be Noticable In My Ear?

    We call them virtually invisible for a reason! Optim hearing aids are designed to be very small and discreet, weighing about as much as a dime.

  • How Are These So Much Less Than And Audiologist?

    We go straight from the manufacture to you. The other way is from a manufacture, to a distributor, to a sales company, to and audilogist, and finally to you. Imagine a 50%-100% markup at every step.

  • How Long Will It Take To Get Them?

    We ship UPS. Depending on where you are located in the USA, 3-5 business days. (And we pay for the shipping both ways!)

  • Do These Have A Warranty?

    Every hearing aid comes with a 1 yr manufactures warranty against any defect. If you happen to lose it, your dog eats it, etc. it only cost $250 to replace for the next 2 years!

  • Does Insurance Cover These?

    We are not able to work directly with your insurance provider. We will help you out any way we can by providing the necessary paperwork for you to submit.