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Y. Bennett
I purchased these hearing aids for my dad and he loves them. He have had several pairs of hearing aids in the past, but has lost all of them because they were always so bulky and he was take them off because they were no very comfortable. But these are small and very light weight. He says he do not even feel them in his ear and they are comfortable
B. Clift
I love them! They have changed my life. I struggled with a moderate to severe high frequency hearing loss for years. What? Huh? Pardon me. Could you repeat that please? That was about the extent of my vocabulary. Now, I can actually understand what people are saying. It’s wonderful, even in a noisy environment, I just adjust to setting 2 or 3 and I’m in business. Great prices, great customer service, and a great product!
A. Sillman
I was doubtful about hearing aids, knew of my fathers old ones, so awkward. but went and found the easiest hearing aids you can imagine, and they give excellent clear sound, you even have the opportunity to change the sound if it is not comfortable, like the sound from a television or in a church, It works great. Easy to put on, easy to change batteries, just great for someone as old as I am, over 80.
D. Anderson
I couldn't be more satisfied with my new hearing aids! The whole process was handled extremely well by my account representative. He was wonderful. I loved the fact that I got to try them out first before purchasing. They are great! I didn't realize how little I was hearing until I got them. Customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend getting these hearing aids!
J. Baker
I have been wearing my hearing aids for about a year and did not realize the new sounds that I never was able to hear. Although there are many companies making hearing aids, why pay for an expensive pair when Optim Hearing can do the same for much less the price and get similar results. They have great support to get you started and after that they work great.
J. Perry
It’s been a year, and I’ve never had abit of trouble with the hearing aids. Most people I talked to about hearing aids sounded like it was a nightmare. They complained about batteries going dead every few days, and how uncomfortable theirs were. When I received my hearing aids, I put them in and wore them the whole day. They felt so good, I didn’t notice them being in my ears. My first set of batteries lasted 6 days, and they give you a lot of warnings before they quit working. I had always thought you had to pay 5 or 6 thousand dollars to get hearing aids that really did what the were suppose to. I’ve had my Optim hearing aids for a year, and can’t believe I got such a quality product at the price I paid. It’s one of the best buy’s I’ve ever made, and I’d sure recommend them to anyone. They are really comfortable, and the batteries last a week before they need replacing. The company has taken care of me about any questions or problems I’ve had. I only had one complaint, and that was the tube that went to my right ear wasn’t shaped the way I wanted it, so they sent me 3 different tubes and told me how to change it. It fixed the problem, and I have felt like it’s one of the best personal products I’ve ever bought. If my wife gets to where she needs hearing aid, I’d order these, knowing they work great, and the price is well worth what they cost. I’m a very happy customer and glad I answered that phone call about these hearing aids.
E. Sonnier

I've worn three or more other aides in the past but this experience tops them all.
They are only a phone call away and any and all concerns I've had the team and company has always taken care of me and my aides 100%.
I've told others about Optim hearing aides and they now wear these too.
Thank you OPTIM TEAM.
B. Ochalek
The new model is outstanding!
I liked the old model & it worked well but there were a few downsides.
The new model has addressed any of my prior concerns.
Couldn't be happier with the my new Optim Hearing Aid!!!
The Customer Service Team is "Top Shelf" & customer driven!!!
If you want to improve your quality of life & are considering a new hearing aid, Optim Hearing is highly recommended!!
Billy O
Erie, PA
R. Joslen
I'm a 60 year old woman and have had hearing problems for years. I have looked and looked for hearing aids. Because my family keep saying mom get some hearing aids. Im not to for sure where I heard about Optim Hearing but I decided to try them and I must say they are great I even paid for the aids before the trial period was up I loved them so much. So please if your having problems with your hearing and aids are the solution try Optim Hearing. They do almost completely hide and no one really sees them if that's a problem for you( it was for me).
S. Smith
I love my Optim hearing aids. Many people don't even know i have them, they are small and very effective and fit behind ear. Very happy with them for over six months now. Highly recommend.
P. Ringer
I love my hearing aids that I got from Optim. There's absolutely no back ground noise and I actually forget that I have them in as they are so comfortable. Many times I go to bed, then remember that I need to take them out. Even when I turn them up to another volume, there's no background noise. I can't say enough good about them. I did get a friend to order them as I told her that I wouldn't be without them. Thank you, Optim for calling me. Best phone call I ever got!
D. Streeks
From the inception of contact with Optim, I was impressed with the care and concern of everyone whom I talked to. Once the account was set up, I recieced the products right away, and was completely satisfied with the value of my new hearing aid.
Batteries are mailed on the specified dates and I never run out.
I would highly recommend this product.
D. Streeks
L. Albanna
The optim hearing aid is amazing. Seriously almost cried when my grandpa got used to them because I didn’t have to constantly repeat myself or hear “huh?!” Every time I said something. The customer service is phenomenal. Anytime we have a problem they fix ya right up! I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.
A. Hill
I am very pleased with the performance of my Optim hearing aids. Sounds that I cannot hear at all without my hearing aids can now be heard and understood. I compare what I have with Optim with friends who have aids that cost many times more and am satisfied that I have an excellent bargain.
A. Hill
Madison, MS
D. Whitehead
I have been so happy with my Optim hearing aids. I can finally hear television shows without the volume being too loud for my other family members. This has been a great boon to my marriage since I no longer say "What?" to everything my husband says. Optim has made a wonderful improvement in my life.
B. Kennedy
My husband of 49 years was becoming intolerable because of his hearing loss. He blamed everyone for his lack of communication. He would respond inappropriately to others based on what he thought they said. Well, One day I responded to a medicare questionairre and we were able to connect him with hearing aids. When they arrived, my husband reluctantly tried them. He was amazed at the volume of the TV and other appliances in the house. He finally heard a noise in the car engine that I had complained about for a couple of months and he had it repaired before it did major damage. He still decides when to wear them, and when to turn them off, and that's okay with me. We celebrated our 51st Anniversary in July and he hears me whisper in his ear. He had been wearing his hair a little longer to hide them, but he realized that no one noticed them and that he was happy to be back into "life" again. I no longer refer to him as "my 1st husband" or "my current husband" because he can hear me say that (lol). I think I'll keep him as long as we can replace his batteries. Thank you Optim for always answering his phone calls to you.
A. Bagwell
My name is A. Bagwell and I have purchased a set of Optim hearing aids.My wife Pam is so glad that I can hear what she is saying and able to understand. Before I got them i couldn't hear a lot of sounds.Things that I couldn't hear at all was alarms, timers, buzzers on equipment and had to turn the T.V. All the way up. I really appreciate Optim calling me about the hearing aids.They have prices that is a fraction of what other companies have quoted to me.My quality of life is so much better. I am not saying huh or i'm sorry I can't hear you,or I didn't understand you. Thank you so much.
H. Rolff
I have been using these hearing aids for almost two years and they have worked very very well for me. I am a pastor and had trouble hearing my congregants, both in my office and in the sanctuary with background noise. These babies have done the trick and I'm very pleased with the result.
D. Rodger
I have had my Optim hearing aids for approximately 1 1/2 years. I love them. The receiver is in the ear canal. I can now hear my grandkids. They don't say "Grammy, do you have your hearing aids in!" anymore.
M. Harlow
Since I've been using Optim hearing aids I can hear clearly now. Been a lifesaver for me. Customer service is excellent. Have recommended them to several people. Thank you for helping me so much.
M. Christman
From Don my hearing aids, I used to miss so much at family gatherings. Now I can join in on conversations and enjoy being there. My wife was having a hard time with how loud the TV had to be and now she said she has trouble hearing it..I am over joyed at how well they work.
T. Talbot
Received the devices quickly, and they greatly improved my living experience!
I can hear many things that I did not know I was missing! Crisp treble has returned to my music listening, and conversation can be held at a normal level! Thank you Optim!
B. Goldman
I have hadnmy hearing aids for 2 years and the experience with Optim has been great.The customer service, when needed,is always friendly and attentive.My devices work well and I've had vertu ally no problems other then replacing air buds.I highly recommend the company and I have used others in the past.
Long Island NY
M. Rose
Hi my name is Mishael I bought a set of Optim hearing aids for my mom. She was totally surprised at how well she could hear after using these small but very efficient hearing aids. I am greatful I bought them for my mom. Thank you Optim Hearing.
D. Hairston
I am a 60 yr. old female who has been experiencing hearing loss in both ears for a period of time. Even before I got the proper testing and diagnosis was made, I just remembered that my hearing was not clear to me as well as breaking down what other people were saying. I have had Optim hearing aids for about (3)three years and my life is so much better today, I am able too hear better than before, I used to be facing you anytime I was being spoken with, I actually was reading the person 's lips, it was a habit that I was not even aware that I was doing. I can hear you now with your back to me. I really appreciate my optim hearing aids, it's personally made a dream come true for me. I would recommend them to anyone who thinks that you have hearing loss
K. Simons
It is so nice to be able to hear again! These things are like HD hearing LOL I'm serious.. the customer service is awesome. I am a construction worker and I work outside quite a bit and they have got wet from me sweating and I had a problem with them, but I sent them in both times and they took care of it.
P. Fletcher
I have spend a lot of money trying to find the right hearing aid until I ran across Optim. I heard it in my car over the radio and something told me to call and that was the best decision that I had ever made I've finally found the right hearing aid for me and I am so happy and thankful now..Thanks to Optim Hearing.
Again thank you
Yours Truly
P Fletcher.
D. Noble
I am very happy that I have these hearing aides!! I can watch TV with the volume at 4 or 5 instead of 20+!! Makes a great difference when out with friends as I can hear what they are saying!!! I recommend these to anyone that needs a hearing device!!
S. Schmitt
I normally do not do reviews, good or bad but this company has been so good to me I wanted to do this
Great product, great customer care. Every time I call they always have good attitudes and are very helpful. This company goes above and beyond and I would recommend them to anyone who has hearing needs. Thank you Optim.
S Schmitt
S. Cope
The Optim company employees are very kind and considerate. Very willing to help. The hearing aides are great. I recommend them to anyone with a hearing problem.
R. Lomax
I have been pleasantly surprised with my Optim aidas. I would highly recommended this product to snyone who wishes to improve their hearing. First classs, effective particularly on a noisy social asrena, great service.
D. Oberloh
I finally got tired of saying "say that again" some times more than once. Optim hearing aids really help me hear what people are saying. I can also regulate the noise control so the background noise is less noticeable. It is so wonderful to be able to hear my grandchildren's conversations now.
D. Reno
I've been using these hearing aids over the last year and they work great. They have great battery life and help my hearing immensely.
L. Blanchard
Your hearing aids are reasonable priced and my husband can hear me without repeating 2 or3 times. He loves them, can hear a conversation around him and can contribute.
E. Blake
We are very pleased with our purchase. My husband can now hear when I talk. The company did everything necessary to make this experience have a good ending. I recommend this company and their products.
J. McMullen
i love my hearing aids , i have had no problem with them what so ever, i take care of them and they work great ! I hear what i want to hear at the level i desire , and I couldn't be happier with them , thank you .
D. Grabowski
The fit of my hearing aids is comfortable and do not interfere with my glasses. I appreciate the help the the aids provide and am satisfied with their preformance.
G. Mack
I have had nothing but good experiences whenever I contacted Optim. I find their hearing aid to be of good quality. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of hearing assistance.
K. Yohn
My hearing aid works good, I love it. The representatives I've talked to have been friendly and helpful. Thank you for a great product
P. Mccoy
I am enjoying my Optim hearing aides .I got them last December an it opened up a whole new world .I have been able to participate in conversations without having to ask repeatedly what someone had said .I also am able to hear in a crowded room complete conversations even with background noise .The service from the Optim representatives very good they actually follow up with the clients an the device itself is easy to use an store I would recommend the listen clear to anyone with hearing difficulty its worth it an you will enjoy the sounds of your world .
J. Welch
I got these for my grandma because she was in complete denial that she needed them. She absolutely loves them! She loves that they are easy to use, you can't see them, she can hear and the price point she says you cant beat that!
D. Burns
I had went for yrs not being able to hear and couldn’t really afford hearing aids but Optim changed my life and set me up on a easy to pay monthly plan, great product
S. Payne
I am very pleased with my Optim Hearing aids.l have had them for close to a year and have had no issues. I would and have recommended them to many of my friends and family.
L. Henry
I purchased my hearing aides almost two years ago and I have been so glad they have made it possible for me to hear comments in Church that I had been missing also the soft tones my family speak that I had been missing, it is a blessing to wear them and know that I can hear the speaking and the quiet tones now that I missed before, thank you Optim for such a wonderful product and the cost is affordable through this company