Premier 70 - 6 Listening Environment Programs - Most Advanced Noise Reduction and Feedback Control - Superior Sound Quality - Available Colors: Beige, Brown, Silver - Click Here For More Information and/or To Qualify For Low Monthly Payments

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Product Overview

The Premier 70 is our most advanced wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) digital hearing aid. It has been designed by top American acoustic engineers to deliver clear and detailed sounds even in extremely difficult listening environments. Directional microphones and environment-specific designed programs allow you to hear the conversation instead of the background noise wherever you go. The discreet, sleek case allows for all-day comfort while still providing superior sound quality. The Premier 70 digital hearing aid is ready to use right out the box without the need of an audiogram or custom fitting.  This means a fast, convenient solution for you to experience the difference.

The Premier 70 wireless series come with a FREE remote control for easy adjustments that can be made to each ear independently for programs, volume, and TV streaming. The Premier 70 also works with the TV Streamer, which sends direct stereo sound to your hearing aids, so you enjoy amazing clarity while watching TV. The Premier 70 digital hearing aid also has a FREE iPhone App that gives you the ability to make the most customized adjustments to your hearing aids using your iPhone. Offering features to help with noise reduction, feedback, and tuning changes, the Premier app provides the best personal customization for excellent sound quality. With a variety of color options to choose from, you are sure to find this breakthrough technology hearing aid to fit your lifestyle and preferences.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight Design for all Day Comfort
  • No Hearing Tests Required
  • Ready to Wear, NO Assembly Necessary
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Virtually Invisible
  • 13 Volume Settings Controlled by Remote or iPhone App
  • 6 Listening Environment Programs – Automatic, Quiet, Noisy, Auditorium, Outdoor, TV Streaming
  • Most Advanced Noise Reduction and Feedback Control (exclusive to Premier 70)
  • Works with the TV Streamer
  • Works with the FREE Phone App for iPhone
  • FREE Remote Included
  • FREE 30-Day Trial
  • FREE Expert Assistance with our Product Support Specialists
  • FREE Tips and Carrying Case
  • 3 Speaker Wire Lengths Available – Small, Medium, & Large
  • 8 Tip Design Choices Available
  • Size 312 Battery
  • Available Colors: Beige, Brown, Silver


What's In The Box

  • Your Hearing Aids
  • Wireless Remote
  • 2 Packages of Size 312 batteries (4 batteries per pack)
  • Size 8 Closed Tip already installed
  • 3 Additional Sized Tips (Size 4 Open Tip, Size 8 Open Tip, Size 10 Closed Tip)
  • Carrying Case
  • Lanyard for Remote
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1-year Standard Warranty



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